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LighTech is one of Europe's leaders in anodized motorcycle accessories and performance parts. LighTech's anodized gas caps are available in quick release gas cap or full spin gas cap versions. LighTech gas caps are simple, inexpensive yet dramatically improve the appearance on your bike. Wanted to change your gas cap to a black gas cap? gold gas cap? or maybe even red? LighTech has all the color options to match your bike. And since all of LighTech's gas caps are "keyless gas caps" there will be no more fumbling with keys at the pump!
LighTech gas cap / locking gas cap for motorcycles LighTech Quick Release Gas Cap - LighTech Quick Release Gas Caps use a keyless spring-loaded cap that releases when you push down and rotate the gas cap 90 degrees. Up to 70% lighter than stock OEM cap. The Lightech aluminum gas caps are billet machined from a single block of aluminum and anodized in silver, black, gold, blue, red or indigo colors. The spring-loaded quick release cap also allows for easy fill-ups at the pump without the need for keys. Looks great and makes refueling a snap.
LighTech Full Spin Gas Cap - LighTech Full Spin Gas Caps use a keyless spinning gas cap that can be opened/closed by hand. Great for street riders or racers, an optional racing key can be used to tighten the gas cap securely before hard riding.Up to 80% lighter than stock OEM cap.
LighTech Full Spin Gas Caps as well as standard gas caps. The quick fuel jugs are extensively used by World Superbike Elite teams such as Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki Teams.

TWM italy logo from oppracing TWM Special Components manufactures a full line-up of motorcycle locking & keyless gas caps as well as race wheels. These gas caps are a great alternative to the LighTech keyless gas caps if you are afraid of someone tampering with your fuel supply.
twm carbon gas cap from oppracing TWM Carbon Quick Release Gas Cap - This TWM gas cap is made from a real carbon fiber base and a spring-loaded black center cap.
twm quick release gas cap in black billet from oppracing TWM Aluminum Quick Release Gas Cap - The TWM aluminum gas caps come with a billet aluminum base and anodized center cap. Available in Silver, Black, Gold, Blue, Red, Titanium.