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BrakeTech offers brake rotors in 3 compounds: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Ceramic Matrix Compound (CMC). BrakeTech rotors offer superior braking performance by integrating their patented Axis rotor design which minimizes stress on floating buttons, improving load transfer and brake performance.

BrakeTech Axis Design Rotors are the result of 2 years of development and have several unique features. The Direct-Link Load Transfer system utilizes non-load bearing floater buttons (they only control float) - this improves load transfer by 600% and reduces rotor wear exponentially. All-new CNC hole patterns maximize cooling and reduce heat-induced distortion. Axis Design carriers are CNC-machined (not stamped) from US Alcoa or Kaiser aircraft grade aluminum and then hard-anodized (Military Spec Type III). All Axis Design rotors use Deep Cycle Cryogenic Processing. A true, flat shape is created in a liquid nitrogen vapor (-300F). The cold temperature creates a "memory" that allows the rotor to retain it's core shape under thermal stress, resulting in reduced distortion and wear.

Left: BrakeTech Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) Rotor on a BST Carbon Fiber wheel, paired with Brembo Monobloc Calipers, custom anodized spacers & bottons and Ohlins Superbike Forks.