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Ferodo Brake Pads for OE Calipers (calipers that came on that bike originally from the manufacturer)

Choosing the proper brake compound for your riding needs careful consideration. The available compounds are listed below - it is important to choose the correct compound based on your riding abilities and actual riding environment. Don't choose a compound because you ride like a racer or because that's what your racing idol uses. Brake pads have optimal operating conditions and parameters - choosing the wrong brake pad compound will result in less braking performance and compromises your safety.

  • Platinum - Platinum brake pads are organic (non-metallic) brake pads that were designed from Ferodo's CP9.11 World Superbike brake compound. Designed for street use, organic compounds are less abrasive than sintered (all-metallic) compounds and cause less wear on your brake rotors. Platinum compounds work well in wet and dry conditions and work well with OEM as well as most aftermarket stainless steel rotors. Recommended for all-purpose usage or for situations where semi-metallic or sintered (all-metallic) compounds cannot be used.

  • ST / STAC - SinterGrip (ST) brake pads are the best sintered (all-metallic) road brake pads available. Developed in conjunction with international race teams, ST pads offer the highest braking coefficient (braking torque) for road brake pads. ST pads last 3 times longer than competing organic pad compounds and offer 20% less disc wear than competing sintered compounds. STAC (SinterGrip with Array Cooling Technology) brake compounds are an improved version of the ST compound - they offer improved braking performance, less brake fade, improved wet weather performance and extended pad life. ST and STAC brake pads work well with most aftermarket stainless rotors and OEM rotors. Recommended for street riders who may do the occasional track day.

  • XRAC - XRAC brake pads are the next step up for the ST/STAC brake compound. This sintered (all-metallic) brake compound is Ferodo's best "double-duty" brake pad - capable of maintaining the highest levels of performance on the track but also being usable on the street. The XRAC compound was developed in conjunction with Honda and Yamaha World SuperSport teams. XRAC brake pads already incorporate Ferodo's Array Cooling technology for enhanced braking performance. XRAC brake pads work well with most aftermarket stainless steel rotors such as Brembo. Recommended for racers or ultra-hardcore street riders.

  • CP2.11/CP9.11 - Ferodo's CP2.11 and CP9.11 compounds are Ferodo's best track-only compounds and offer greater feel than the XRAC compound, making them the better choice for dedicated track bikes. The CP2.11 compound is an improved version of the CP9.11 compound. CP.211 and CP9.11 compounds work well with Brembo HP rotors, as well as BrakeTech's Ceramic Matrix Composite, Iron and Stainless Steel rotors. Recommended for dedicated track riders and not recommended for street usage.