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Jordan Replica GSXR1000

by [email protected]
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About the bike: Its a 2006 GSXR-1000
Year: 06

Model: gsxr

Eng size: 1000cc

Pipes:Yoshimura TRC Carbon Fiber


Wheels:Stock (need something to keep it grounded

Accessories:Full Carbon Fiber from OPP Racing, Rearsets, Pazzo Racing Levers, Bar Ends, Vortex Bar Ends, DynoJet Power Commander, Halo Eye headlight, Michelin 2CT (like glue), Jordan Replica graphics, 7 color Chameleon Paint, custom pearl white Memphis Shades windscreen, Driven Rear sprocket, DID chain

It is my first liter bike. I have always been so accustomed to seeing custom performance bikes stretched, slammed, and full of chrome with exotic paint jobs. I wanted to do something serious with this one though. Plus I didnt want to hook my bike up and never have tried to utilize the bike for what its intended for. To me this bike has been the most amazing material possesion I have ever had. I used to ride out on public roads trying to get my knee down and of course that would include breaking the law and going speeds that are really unsafe on public roads. So i decided that if I was going to ride at these speeds I would take it to the track.. I am an artist naturally so when I got the bike I started finding ways to change the complete look of the bike but not take away from performance. I wanted the bike to be so different that it would catch peoples eye but still look good. When I was searching the internet and I found OPP Racing I thought I had died and gone to heaven! When I put the carbon fiber on it imidiatly changed the whole bike physically and performance wise. When I pulled up to the track for the first time with full carbonfiber the first thing everyone asked me was if it was carbon fiber wrap. Getting the body work changed the game for everyone. I did all the work myself, during the winters I would just think of ways to come back the next spring and blow peoples mind. The guys I race with call me Picasso, but to me thats a great complement. The bike speaks for itself, and I didnt just add a bunch of performace pieces and not use them, this bike sees nothing but tracks. This is defnintly one bike and rider that not only talks the talk and looks the part but I can walk the walk with it too....keep up!



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