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Adam Bowen

by [email protected]
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Model:ZX6R 636
Bike URL:click here
OPP everything!! You can view my bike in the bodywork section of OPP's website as well for Kawasaki. Carbon upper, lower, solo tail, tank, vented front fender, rear hugger, anti draft. Lots of carbon. Leo Vince SBK full titanium exhaust with carbon canister. K&N air filter. Motor is stock. This is a super streetbike, not a race bike. Left the motor alone on this one to retain reliability and streetable performance. I mean, it's a 636 for crying out loud!! More mods to come which include BST Carbon wheels, and some igintion mods as well.




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October 01, 2004 19:04:33 I got the same bike as you and i hav ordered the bikeĀ“s bodywork in Carbon Fiber, when i buyed the complete body, must i order the Anti-Drift on its own??? KAWAowner Norway Report Comment

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