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OPPmeter and ratings

When you rate a bike or gallery image, you influence it's OPPmeter rating and its ranking on OPP Gallery. Each member can only vote once per bike. This page is designed to give you a guideline of how to decide to vote for a bike. Don't just vote 0 because you don't like a bike, vote based on the RELATIVE quality of the ride.

The oppmeter is located on the right hand side when viewing a bike's profile.

Below is a guide to the relative values of the oppmeter rating:

10/10Badass MofoA Macdaddy looking ride, wicked upgrades, maybe lots of custom work or super trick bling bling parts. Unique one off parts. Extreme modification. Stock is not in your vocabulary when you describe your ride. You have spent you kids collage money or your wifes/husbands retirement savings and are currently divorced and kids hate you!
8/10Mofo's ChoiceA Pimpin bike, with lots of aftermarket parts, some custom work. Marrige is on the rocks. No money for kids, since you can't afford them.
6/10Sweet Ride Killer ride that has bike. Maybe it doesn't have as many custom mods as a "Badass Mofo" but it is work in progress, maybe some minor custom work.
4/10Nice BikeLight modification, saving up pennies to be with the big boys/girls. Yet some aftermarket goodies.
2/10NewbieJust brought it from the showroom. Have not really decide what to do. Has a few things bolted on to personalize the ride. Looking to move up in the world of custom bikes.
0/10Worse than a StockJust plain wrong. Dirty. Damaged. Rusted. Shit box.