Backorders, Special Orders and Modifying Your Existing Order

Backorder / Out of Stock

At OPP Racing, we try our best to keep our products in stock. As an example of our expansive in-stock inventory.. We realize that we can’t stock everything for every motorcycle, but believe me, we still try! Veterans of the motorcycle industry will realize that many of our competitors do not keep stock! By ordering from OPP Racing, you will often receive your part faster than from our competitors.

On the occasion that we are caught out of stock for your particular part your order will remain on back order indefinitely unless cancelled, please check your order status online at We also try send emails regarding incoming shipments, to keep our customers informed. When ordering online , we have the best guesstimates on most of our products from pass experiences, these are only estimates and can vary please understand that when you make the purchase.

Here at OPP Racing, we are trying to raise this industry standard by being a leader and keeping an expansive inventory in stock.

Special Orders

At OPP Racing, we specialize in bringing you high-end performance products, WSB parts, and even select MotoGP parts! We have access to a very very large range of motorcycle products, and offer thousands of products off our online catalogue. We do, however, realize that there are unique parts out there that we do not carry. If there is a product you want that you don’t see on our website, feel free to give us a call! We may be able to special order the product for you.

With special orders, or orders on products we do not stock regularly, we require pre-payment at the time you place the order. We will then order the product, and ship it to you as soon as we receive it.

Canceling / Modifying An Order

In the unfortunate scenario where you would like to cancel / modify your order, we offer the following options:

Canceling an order before we have shipped your product:
Cancellations or changes to an order can be made if the order has not been processed and shipped, and does not contain a special order item (please refer to the Special Orders section above for more information link). Please make the necessary changes by calling us at 1-650-871-8801, or via email at [email protected]Please make sure to include your Ordering ID Number to help us serve you.

Canceling an order after we have shipped your product:
Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse the item can not be stopped, and will be subject to our Returns / Exchanges policies. Please refer to our “Returns / Exchanges” policy for more information.

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