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Chargeable taxes are levied by your local government, and are out of OPP Racing’s control. The following are chargeable taxes by region and determined by the ship-to address:

US Customers:
No US customers will be levied any taxes on their order

Canadian Customers:
Residents of BC will be levied a 12% HST
Residents of Alberta is 5% GS
Residents of Saskatchewan 5% GST
Residents of Manitoba 5%
Residents of Ontario 13% HST
Residents of Quebec 5% GST
Residents of Newfoundland 13% HST
Residents of Nova Scotia 15% HST
Residents of New Brunswick 13% HST
Residents of Prince Edward Island 5% GST
Residents of Northwest Territories 5% GST
Residents of Yukon 5% GST

International Customers:

International customers will not be levied any taxes on their order. There is also the possibility of special invoicing considerations for our international customers. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis – contact us by phone at 650-871-8801 or by email at [email protected] for more information.

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