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Warranty / OPP Guarantees

At OPP Racing, we strive to bring you the highest-quality products. We do so by partnering with world-renowned brands & manufacturers and only carrying well-reputed products.  We stand behind our products, and offer a warranty on the following products:

OPP Fuel Tanks

All OPP Fuel Tanks come with a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Our fuel tanks are meticulously handcrafted in Europe, and every TANK is tested to assure a worry free purchase and years of enjoyment. In the case of a leak, we will repair or replace your tank ASAP at our discretion. These fuel Tanks are safe for both street and racing and they are used extensively in World Superbike & European Championships.

In the unlikely case that you find a manufacturer’s defect in our fuel tank, please contact us and we can discuss your situation.

Please note: The above warranty only applies to OPP Fuel Tanks only. It does not apply to Tank Covers, such as the Honda CBR 600RR Tank Cover.

OPP MacMoto Motorcycle Bodywork

The following policy covers all MacMoto bodywork sold by OPP Racing which includes the following products in all materials (Fiber Glass, Carbon Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Titanium Silver).

As long as you have ordered the appropriate part for your motorcycle, and the bodywork mounting points on your motorcycle has not been modified from stock, we guarantee our bodywork to fit your motorcycle! Our guarantee applies in two (2) forms: fitment & mounting.

Fitment: Our bodywork will fit on your motorcycle’s stock mounting points, without unreasonable modification of the product.

Mounting: For upper fairings with headlight cutouts, we guarantee that your headlights will fit onto our fairings without unreasonable modification of the product.
If you find that your bodywork does not fit, do not modify the product without prior consultation with our OPP staff! Please have a shop that is knowledgable in bodywork installation fit the parts, and pre-fit the bodywork before painting & installation. We cannot accept returns / exchanges on any part that has been modified / drilled in any way. In the unlikely event of mal-fitment, please call our OPP staff, and we will work with you / your mechanic to determine the best course of action.

OPP Racing is able to offer our guarantee because of one simple reason – we only manufacturer the highest-quality bodywork! We are one of the few manufacturers who use epoxy-resin moulds, and also produce our bodywork out of epoxy resin. Using this superior and more expensive production process, every piece of bodywork we produce is guaranteed to be perfect in shape. Our bodywork also doesn’t shrink or distort through time, unlike some inferior polyester resin carbon fiber bodywork offered by our competitors. Read our Carbon Fiber 101 article for more information on our superior carbon fiber bodywork!  Also read our Headlight Cutout article to find out why we guarantee our headlight cutouts!

Other OPP Products

Other products offered by OPP are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. All warranty requests should be directed to the appropriate manufacturer. Please contact us if you need assistance with your warranty claim.

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