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If you have any questions regarding our website, please contact our sales staff at
1-650-871-8801, we are more than happy to assist you in your selection.

What happens to my order if the website crashes during check-out?

Following our 4-step online purchase process, your order will not be received by OPP Racing until you complete STEP 3 – CONFIRMING YOUR ORDER (link to “confirming your order” section under placing an order) and click on “Confirm Order”. You will receive a unique Order # ID in STEP 4, which confirms your purchase.

If your browser crashes prior to clicking “Confirm Order” in STEP 3, please re-enter your order and proceed through the 4-step process again.

If your browser crashes during STEP 3, after clicking “Confirm Order”, your order may or may not have been received by OPP Racing. Please wait to see if you receive an order confirmation email, or you can review your orders in your personal OPP Racing account. To do so, start by logging in at the top of the left navigation bar, and click “Login”. You can then click on “View Past Orders” to review your order, and review the status of the order. Additionally, you are always welcome to call our OPP Racing staff to confirm your order.

Note: As a general note, we at OPP Racing do our best to review all customer orders, to ensure it is correct for our customers. If we receive duplicate orders, or any order that appears to be incorrect for your motorcycle, we will contact you to confirm your order.

Forgot my password

Please refer to the “Reset Your Password” section for more information. (link to reset password section under “your account”)

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