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Front Brake Caliper (Left) - P4 30/34mm, Endurance, without Pads, Billet Monobloc, 108mm Radial Mount, for use w/ Narrow Band Disc, Front - XB2P720


Brembo Racing

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Product Description

Item Summary

  • Brembo Race Part # XB2P720
  • Fully CNC machined
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Old Part #XB2P710

About the Product

Monobloc brake caliper for Racing discs (30 mm brake area)!
P4 30/34 CNC Radial Monobloc - brake caliper 108 mm distance, including 4 Titan radiators for fixing the pads
Brembo Racing Pure
(ideal for 30 mm brake ring)


  • Fixing Dimension: 108mm
  • Position: Front
  • Caliper Bodu: Monobloc
  • Fixing: Radial
  • Pistons: 4
  • Piston Diameter: 30-34mm
  • Disc Height: 30mm
  • Material: B.AL
  • Surface Protection: HA
  • Bridges: 2
  • Hardware Material: TI
  • Piston Material: TI
  • Weight w/o Pads: 815g
  • Pad Shape: H
  • Pads Included: NO
  • Offset: 22.5mm
  • Brake Fluid: DOT 4

Brake Pads

Those calipers are designed specifically for any Endurance Race and have the following technical features:

  • Fully CNC Machined;
  • Hard anodizing finishing;
  • Latest Superbike caliper design in order to maximize performance, stiffness and weight;
  • 30/34mm piston size;
  • 108mm fixing distance;
  • 22,5mm off-set;
  • 11,5mm pad thickness;
  • Minimum pad thickness: 4,5mm;
  • Titanium pistons
  • Titanium radiators

Spare Parts

MPORTANT NOTE: in order to maximize the performance of this brake system, we suggest the use of a PR19x16 master cylinder (XR.011.70 or XA7G750);

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