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Oversized Off-Road Floating Cast Caliper (Suzuki)


Brembo Racing

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Product Description

Item Summary

  • For oversized rotors
  • Off-Road applications
  • Floating caliper
  • Cast caliper
  • 24mm pistons

About the Product


  • Fixing Dimensions: 78/102mm
  • Position: Front
  • Caliper Body: Floating
  • Fixing: Axial + Floating
  • Pistons: 2
  • Piston Diameters: 24mm
  • Disc Height: 28mm
  • Material: C.AL
  • Surface Protection: SI.AO
  • Bridges: NA
  • Hardware Material: ST
  • Piston Material: AL
  • Weisght w/o Pads: 541g
  • Pad Shape: V
  • Pads Included: YES
  • Offset: 20-21mm
  • Brake Fluid: DOT 4

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