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Gilles Tooling

Gilles Tooling - German Engineered Motorcycle Components

gilles tooling logo from opp racing OPP Racing is proud to be the exclusive Canadian and United States Gilles Tooling Distributor. Gilles Tooling is the leading manufacturer of high quality motorcycle rear sets, chain adjusters, adjustable variobar clip ons, triple trees, brake & clutch levers, frame sliders and accessories.

Based in Luxemburg, Gilles Tooling is known for their high quality products and stringent quality controls. Gilles Tooling employs full time engineers to design, test and manufacture each of their products. The result...each one of their products are meticulous and flawless masterpieces. OPP Racing stocks a massive inventory with all spare parts and accessories in our California San Francisco warehouse. We ship same day most items .

Gilles Tooling Product Overview:

Gilles Tooling Hand & Foot Controls
as31gt Gilles Rearsets vcr38gt Gilles Rearsets racing.gear lever Gilles Rearsets Levers rgk Gilles Footpeg Conversion Kits
as31gt Gilles Rearsets Spare Parts VCR38GT Gilles Rearsets Spare Parts x-treme Gilles Levers Brake & Clutch  
vb.variobar Adjustable Gilles Clip Ons vb.variobar Gilles Riser Kits gp.light Fixed Gilles Clip Ons  

Gilles Tooling Suspension & Drivechain
fo one.yolk Gilles Triple Clamp fo one.yolk Gilles Triple Clamp Offset Kits sh.shiftholder Gilles Shift Support Gilles Universal Lifter brackets
tca Gilles Chain Adjusters tca Gilles Lifters kts Gilles Chain Adjusters kts Gilles Lifters

Gilles Tooling Crash Protection Gilles Frame Sliders Gilles Frame Sliders Spare Parts tca Gilles Chain Adjuster Slider Blocks  

Gilles Tooling Motorcycle Accessories lock Gilles Titanium Axle Nut Gilles Bar Ends Gilles Tooling Rear Stand Spools for lifters  

Gilles Tooling - World Superbike / World SuperSport & IDM Racing Involvement

Gilles Tooling products are used to gain a competitive edge in top levels of racing all over the world. Developed for the racetrack and trusted by world class riders, each product is race tested to ensure its performance under the the most rigorous riding conditions.

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