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The Breakdown on Brakes

OPP Racing website is worlds largest , fully upadate Brembo website, we carry absolutely everything. Tens of thousands of pictures , schematics , with over 25 years of brembo experience we can help you find and set up your motorcycle brembo braking system. 

OPP Racing carries a full line of motorcycle brake upgrades: brake (and clutch) levers, braided brake lines, brake rotors, brake calipers and brake pads. To help you navigate the huge array of choices, we've chosen to "brake" up our categories:


Brembo is the largest and most advanced brake system company in the world. If you look carefully on MotoGP, Superbike and limited production model bikes all you will find is Brembo. Virtually all the necessary brake components for motorcycles can be upgraded to Brembo one by one or all at once. Most are even offered in direct bolt-on kits for ease of install. When you want to improve braking performance the best solution is Brembo.

Brembo Brake Master Cylinder
Brembo Clutch Master Cylinders
Brembo Front Brake Calipers
Brembo Rear Brake Calipers
Brembo Brake Rotors
Brembo Reservoirs & Banjo Bolts
Brembo Replacement Parts
Brembo Brake Pads


Replacing your brake and clutch levers do not yield an increase in braking performance but enhances the comfort and look of your motorcycle.

LighTech brake & clutch levers are used extensively by World Superbike riders. Most often mated with a Brembo master cylinders but also available for OEM systems, LighTech's remote adjust brake levers allow racers to adjust for brake fade on-the-fly without taking their right hand off the throttle. LighTech levers are also popular as ergonomic upgrades with adjustable lever travel and crash damage mitigation with their folding lever. Last but not least - sleek & beautiful Italian styling!

LighTech Adjustable Brake Levers
LighTech Adjustable Clutch Levers



Braided Brake Lines should be the first upgrade for ANY motorcycle. Braided brake lines eliminate brake fade caused by hose expansion under heat. Imagine riding for the afternoon, speeding along at 150 mph, seeing a deer (Bambi) up ahead, grabbing the brakes...and NOTHING!!! BRAKE FADE!!! Your brakes fluid has heated up your OEM rubber brake lines and your brakes don't work properly. Save yourself and Bambi, your bike and the need for new underwear by installing a set of Spiegler or Galfer braided brake lines.

Spiegler Stainless Braided Brake Lines
Spiegler Stainless Braided Clutch Lines