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How to Choose an Exhaust System

Aside from replacing your bodywork with OPP carbon fiber, adding an aftermarket exhaust system is one of the sexiest modifications available. Remember kids...stock exhausts suck! They are compromised by the need to meet emissions and noise control regulations. To heck with Mother Nature and your neighbours! Adding an aftermarket exhaust will increase horsepower, drop weight, change your bike's sound signature and give it a better look. (Edit: Eliminating the stock muffler will make your bike louder so people know you're there. Yeah, it's all about safety! Safety!)

Type: Full system or Slip-on/Bolt-on?

  • Full systems are expensive but are the most effective exhausts systems because they replace all of the restrictive stock exhaust.
  • Slip-on / Bolt-on systems are less expensive but also less effective. By replacing the exhaust cannister, you gain some of the benefits above but you still have the restrictive headers on the bike.
  • A very loose rule of thumb is that a slip-on exhaust adds 4hp and a full exhaust system adds 10hp on a litre-bike.

Material Type: Titanium, Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel or Aluminum?

  • Titanium is the most expensive but the lightest material commonly used. It is often used for the headers and the exhaust cannister to save weight.
  • Carbon Fiber is used only on the exhaust cannister. It looks trick and compliments OPP carbon fiber very nicely.
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum are other common materials used on exhaust systems. They are light and relatively inexpensive.

Mounting: Race, High or OEM?

  • Most exhaust cannisters use the original mounting position of the stock cannister. However, race mounts or high mounts may move the cannister higher than normal. These positions may require the removal of passenger footpegs so be sure to check if you want to take passengers!

Wrapping Your Headers for Horsepower and Protection

  • Be sure to check out our Exhaust Shielding section for header wrap! Wrapping your headers can reduce engine temperatures, add horsepower and protect your new OPP lower!
  • High heat from exhaust headers can discolor a carbon fiber lower or cause paint to bubble on a fiberglass lower. We've created Thermal Protection Kits that you can use to wrap your headers and protect your lower.

Maximizing Power with a Dynojet Power Commander

  • When you purchase any exhaust system, be sure to purchase a Dynojet Power Commander to maximize your power gains.
  • A Power Commander is designed to optimize the fuel/air mixture along the power curve and eliminate any dips in torque or horsepower.
  • Your Power Commander will be preloaded with the appropriate "map". The map should match your bike model and exhaust system.