General Interest


Q: Why choose aftermarket accessories?

A: Aftermarket parts often increase performance by reducing weight, increase functionality and comfort for the rider and, just as importantly, will give your bike a cool custom trick look.

Q: What is the difference between the selections of bodywork fibers?

A: Fairings are manufactured in Fiberglass, Carbon/Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Titanium Silver. The fibers each have unique weight, strength, and esthetic characteristics. Click here for specific fiber info:

Q: Will the bodywork fade in the sun after a long time?

A: No, the resin has a 100% UV protector added so there will be no discoloration of your Carbon, Kevlar or Titanium Silver Fiber. Treat the parts like you would car paint, polish and wax it only with very fine abrasives. Dark polishes are best for the carbon, grey or white polish for the titanium silver fiber.

Q: What about cracking?

A: OPP bodywork is very flexible. We use only the best quality epoxy resin for our carbon, Kevlar, and titanium silver products, and a quality iso-ester resin is used for the fiberglass. Fiberglass with epoxy resin is available at extra cost (special order item)

Q: Can the bodywork be painted?

A: Yes all can be painted easily. Lightly scuff before painting: Fiberglass 320-400 Grit, Carbon/Kevlar/Titanium 800-1200 Grit.


Q: How can I place an order?


1.)Place an order online: browse our online shop by clicking on the item categories in the left hand navigation bar. When you see something you like click on the orange "Buy Now" icon to add it to your shopping cart.

2.)Order by phone: call OPP at 650-871-8801 (M-F: 9am-6pm Pacific Time)

3.)You may email us an order or ask presales questions at [email protected]. If you are placing an email order, please tell us your Bike's make, model, and year, plus the items you would like to order, and also leave us your phone number so we may call you back.

Q: How quickly can I get my order?

A: Our usual shipping carriers are UPS (USA) and DHL/Loomis (Canada) and we ship three times a week. If your order is in stock it will go out within one to three business days as long as payment has been secured. You can specify to have a rush order, more $$$ for shipping, or to use other shipping companies such as DHL/Canada Post +Bax (for international orders) if you specify.

We have a huge inventory in stock but we cannot keep everything in stock, most of our products come from Europe so there may be a waiting period. Please ask your sales person on approximate time delays. We will give you our best estimate of delivery time but cannot guarantee dates due to factors beyond our control.

Q: What payment options are available for ordering?

A: For your convenience, we accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. However we only accept cards that have been issued in the United States or Canada. We will accept international credit card payments for orders under $200.00 USD (parts only, not including S/H fees). International orders above $200.00 USD must be paid by wire transfer, click here for International Order Instructions.

Note Amex customers: Please note that your order will be charged in Canadian (CAD) currency, equivalent to USD. A detailed explanation will be included on your credit card slip. Your final price will still be the USD price indicated on your invoice but converted to CAD using the exchange rates from, as of the day we charge your Amex. We apologize for any inconvenience as Amex will not allow us to charge customers through our US credit card terminal, due to the fact that our administrative office is located in Canada.

Q: I am placing an international order, what is the wire transfer information?

A: For Foreign Orders above $200.00 USD:

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada

Bank Address:
Royal Bank of Canada
Coast Meridian Village Branch
3361 Coast Meridian Rd.
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
V3B 3N6
Ph: 604.927.5520
Account Info:
Swift Code:
Transit #:
Account #:
Institution #:


Q: I am interested in aftermarket bodywork for my street bike, can I get bodywork with headlight and tail light cut outs?

A: Most models are available with front headlight cut outs at extra cost. Front headlight cut outs take approximately 6 hours of labour the factory uses Kevlar-Carbon fiber to fasten the mounting points (steel rods) for the headlight to attach. We do some rear tail section cut outs but not all, please speak to a sales person (650-871-8801 M-F: 9am-6pm Pacific Time).

Q: Where can I get Dzus Fasteners?

A: You can purchase these from us, we carry the best ones to suit your bodywork needs. They are D-ring style w/ a clip, so you do not need to rivet the clip on as on other fasteners. These fasteners come directly from the England DZUS Company. They are the best!

Q: Do I need to buy a Superbike Foam Pad for my seat and what is it anyway?

A: Only if you are buying a superbike solo seat racing seat, otherwise you will use your stock seat that comes with the bike. Your sales person will advise you if you need a foam pad or not. The superbike foam pad is a very high density closed cell pad which allows you to slide easily from side to side yet it keeps you glued to the seat. The solo seat racing (SBK) seat also lowers your center of gravity, you get better control.

Q: Are the rear sets adjustable? Where can I buy parts if I need replacements?

A: We carry top of the line brand names. Rear sets have a huge adjustability, look at pictures/text! :) We stock just about all parts for the rear sets and clip-ons.


Q: What is a rivet and rivet gun and where do I get them?

A: A rivet gun is a tool (not expensive) that mounts/shoots rivets, you can get these at your local car parts store. NO PROBLEM! You will only need a rivet gun when you purchase the rivet style DZUS fastener w/ D-ring. Q: What is a uni-bit?

A: It is a bit used and sold here at OPP to drill the bodywork. It is also called a multi-bit or universal bit. This uni-bit is tapered so the further you drill the larger the hole is made. They work fantastically with a drill or Dremel without tearing the fibers. Click here to purchase. <>

Q: When I purchase the bodywork and accessories will they fit?

A: Yes, all bodywork and accessories have been mounted hundred of times to ensure that our customers do not need to be concerned. Some bodywork adjustments may be necessary but only in extreme cases where modification of motorcycle have been made.

Q: Will my stock (OEM-original) windscreen fit with my aftermarket bodywork from OPP Inc.

A: 95% of stock screens will work, we will advise you of any exceptions, if you need to purchase a new windscreen other than the stock one.

Q: The solo seat seems difficult to fit/mount over the subframe ?

A: The tail sections are designed to be snug and are a perfect fit!

To fit some solo seats you should mount all electronic devices and other components on the inside of the (inner fender/glove box/batter tray), there are several reasons for ;

  1. Solo seats are designed snug so if a crash occurs, solo seat does not take all impact of side damage and will most likely survive, even when it is grinded away by pavement.
  2. This prevents damage to any devices mounted under solo seat (electronic devices are big $$bling,bling$$) and helps in bodywork survival allowing bodywork to have room to flex and twist without restrictions.
  3. Aerodynamics ! :)

Q: How do I mount the superbike seat foam pad if I need it?

A: Best way to do this is to first fit it to size and then use a spray glue, a good brand to use is 3M , but others will do just fine.

Q: How does the bodywork mount/attach to the bike?

A: Your bodywork uses all stock mounting locations and hardware except the lower belly pan. The lower belly pan (AMA approved 4 quarts/liters) will attach to the one piece upper with Dzus Fasteners. Click here to check out our dzus clips.

Q: Does the bodywork come pre-drilled? A: Arrangements can be made (small $)! However we will only pre-drill so you will have to enlarge the opening. We will not pre-drill for the windscreen, incase you have a special windscreen that uses slightly different mounting points! Q: What do I use to drill the fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Titanium Silver bodywork?

A: High speed drill is always great, the bit to use is anything very sharp, we recommend a MULTI BIT or UNIVERSAL BIT. You can get these from us, or your car shop store should have some.

Cost of uni-bit: CDN $55.95 USD $39.95

Q: How do I mount the Dzus Fasteners?

A: Simple (well kinda!)

  1. Mark the location where you want to put them, with a felt pen. (Make sure there is room on the other side!! Engine might be in the way in some places)
  2. Align the upper and lower perfectly on the bike (preferred). This can be done on the bike or off. Get a FRIEND or two to help you align this up (very important step) This part is crucial!!
  3. Drill the hole through the upper and lower
  4. Place pin (dzus bolt) through hole and attach clip/receptacle on other side. Clip together.
  5. Now mark belly pan, where the receptacle clip holes are with a felt pen.
  6. Drill the hole, make sure the hole is exactly the size as the hole in the receptacle/clip.
  7. Use a rivet and a rivet gun to attach receptacle/clip to belly pan.
  8. Test fit and mount bodywork before you drill and mount all clips!
  9. Place Dzus Fastener in and turn with an Alan wrench.
  10. Get BEER ! (cheers) YOUR DONE !