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Fuel Management: Complimenting your Aftermarket Exhaust

Brisk Premium Spark Plugs


Installing an aftermarket exhaust can give you big horsepower gains, drop weight, change your bike's sound signature and enhance the appearance of your bike. That's a big improvement! You can get even more out of your exhaust system (even the crappy stock exhaust) by using these inexpensive products.



Air Filters: More air = More gas = More horsepower

  • Using a BMC or K&N air filter will increase the amount of airflow into your engine. Your engine will sense the increase in air and increase the amount of fuel to your engine. Voila! More horsepower!
  • Keep it clean! An added benefit is that aftermarket air filters can be cleaned and reused. However, if you want maximum power gains, you gotta keep it clean!

Optimize your exhaust system with a Power Commander

  • Even the best exhaust system will not be perfect. There may be the odd dip in the power curve but that can be easily eliminated with a Dynojet Power Commander.
  • A Power Commander uses a "map" that measures your horsepower and torque as the RPM's increase. It eliminates those dips by controlling the air/fuel mixture.

Brisk Spark Plugs: Make your bike a Lamborghini!

  • Brisk Premium Spark Plugs can add horsepower to your motorcycle!
  • Co-designed by Lamborghini, Brisk spark plugs added 1.5hp to a stock CBR600RR and added approximately 2-3hp on a stock CBR1000RR.
  • Brisk spark plugs are very well-known outside of North America but still unknown here. Make this your secret weapon!