OPP Racing - Performance Motorcycle Parts Distributor
Dealer Application Form

Thanks for your interest in joining the OPP Racing Dealer program. OPP Racing is a distributor of performance motorcycle parts. We are the world's largest online distributor of epoxy carbon fiber bodywork for Italian and Japanese sportbikes and other performance parts & accessories.

OPP Racing is the Official Distributor for the following brands and many more:
Brembo HP Distributor lightech distributor Blackstone Tek BST Distributor Full Six Carbon distributor
Brembo Racing Distributor Spiegler Distributor Zero Gravity Windscreen Distributor Samco Silicone Hose Distributor

We are proud to offer one of the friendliest dealer programs in the motorcycle industry including:

  • No dropship fee
  • Shipping cost assessed on all dealer orders. All shipping costs are manually calculated to ensure accuracy. 
  • Large inventory in stock
  • Full time dedicated knowledgable sales staff
  • Product support & technical support on behalf of the manufacturer
download dealer application here

To become an OPP Dealer, you need to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Download and complete the OPP Dealer Application.
  2. Meet the Minimum Dealer Requirements.
  3. Gather supporting documentation for your dealer application.
  4. Email the application and supporting documentation to OPP.

Step 1: Download and fill out the OPP Dealer Application

download dealer application here Download the OPP Dealer Application (.pdf 106kb )


Step 2: Meet the Minimum Dealer Requirements

  1. You MUST be a motorcycle business.
  2. Regular business hours.

Please note that businesses in the automotive industry nor unestablished new motorcycle businesses will not be approved.

Step 3: Gather supporting documentation for your dealer application

  1. Signed copy of the OPP Dealer Application.
  2. Copies of your Federal Tax ID, Business License, State Tax ID or Seller's Permit or similar. 
  3. Links to online social media, or website. 

The more supporting documentation you provide, the faster we can process your application.

Step 4: Email the application and supporting documentation to OPP

Please complete our dealer application and email it back to us at [email protected]