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Brembo High Performance

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This section highlights the parts available from Brembo's High Performance division. We also carry all parts from Brembo's Racing division and Brembo's OE (Original Equipment) division.

Brembo is the world leader in high performance braking systems. Brembo manufactures a wide range of brake components in racing, high-performance upgrade, Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket replacement applications. Brembo supplies brake components to motorcycle manufacturers all over the world including Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Husqvarna, KTM, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, Triumph, and Yamaha.

Brembo Motorcycle Brake System - Individual Components from High Performance division:

Brembo Brake / Clutch Master Cylinders & Brembo Cable Clutch Lever

brembo 19rcs brake master cylinder from oppracing Brembo Brake Master Cylinders - Brembo brake masters have a larger piston diameter than stock Nissin / stock Brembo master cylinders. They displace more brake fluid through the brake system and ultimately provide greater braking performance. Brembo brakes master cylinder come in different specifications with varying degrees of brake feel (modulation) and braking power, this allows for the perfect set up for any track bike, street bike, drag bike set-up and dirt bike brake system set-up. Brembo brake masters are "universal fit" for any hydraulic brake system.

Available in: Bembo Brembo 19RCS Brake Master, 19x18 Brake Master, Brembo 19x20 Brake Master, Brembo 19x16 Brake Master, Brembo 16x16 Brake Master, Brembo 16x18 Brake Master, Brembo 15RCS Brake Master
Brembo Clutch Master Cylinder from OPP Racing Brembo Clutch Master Cylinders - Brembo clutch masters also comes in different configurations for clutch slaves of different sizes. Upgrade your clutch master cylinder to alter the feel of your clutch lever pull. Brembo clutch master cylinders are "universal fit" for hydraulic clutch systems only!

Available in: Brembo 16RCS Clutch Master, Brembo 16x16 Clutch Master, Brembo 16x18 Clutch Master, Brembo 19x18 Clutch Master, Brembo 19x20 Clutch Master

Brembo Cable Clutch Levers - Brembo now offers a folding cable clutch lever to match the 19RCS brake lever! Featuring a folding lever to reduce crash damage, they also feature the iconic Italian flag and the Brembo logo.

Available for: the latest sportbikes from Aprilia, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha

Brembo Brake Calipers - Front & Rear

brembo brake calipers high performance kit Front Brembo Brake Caliper Kits - Brembo brake calipers from the High Performance (HP) division is the perfect blend of performance and price. Choose between the GP4-RX Billet HP caliper, HP Billet caliper in Nickel Cadmium or standard finish, or the M4 monobloc caliper casted in a single piece. Upgrading to HP Brembo Calipers will give a considerable improvement in braking performance and looks as well. Brembo HP calipers are designed as bike-specific bolt-on kits and include all required mounting spacers and hardware.

Available in: Brembo GP4-RX Caliper, Brembo Billet 2-Piece HP Caliper (Nickel Cadmium / Standard Finish), Brembo .484 Black Caliper and Brembo M4 Cast Monobloc HP Caliper.
brembo rear caliper high performance from oppracing

Brembo Rear Caliper Kits - New for 2008, Brembo offers a rear caliper upgrade kit that allows you to improve the rear braking performance for your motorcycle without the headache of custom fabrication. Perfect for street or track riders looking for better performance, Brembo rear calipers are designed as bike-specific kits and comes with all necessary mounting hardware / brackets.

Available in: Brembo Billet Rear Caliper kits & Brembo Cast Rear Caliper Kits

Brembo Brake Rotors - Front

brembo rotors drilled and made from stainless steel

Front Brembo Brake Rotor Kit - Brembo Rotors are constructed from stainless steel and feature a drilled design, full floating buttons and anodized gold carrier. Brembo's drilled rotor design runs cooler and reduces the rotating mass yielding better braking performance. Additionally, the full floating design allow the brake rotor blade to stay 100% in contact with the brake pads to maximize friction during braking. Brembo rotors are designed as bike-specific kits and come in OEM-spec and oversized kits.

Available in: Brembo T-Drive Brake Rotor Kits, Brembo HP Brake Rotors Kits & Brembo Groove Rotor Kits

Brembo Spare Parts / Brembo Replacement Parts

brembo replacement lever from oppracing Brembo Replacement Levers - We hate to think about it, but accidents are called accidents for a reason. Don't be caught without a replacement lever in the event of a crash, especially if you have to finish a race weekend.
brembo replacement part inlet fitting Brembo Master Cylinder Spare Parts - Broke more than just a lever? We've got you covered with Brembo's complete line of replacement parts for master cylinders.

Brembo Hydraulic Components / Brembo Accessories

Brembo brake fluid Bremob HP & Racing Brake Fluid - Brembo brake fluid offer longer lifespan, higher boiling temperatures and less compression than other brake fluids. Also great for hydraulic clutch systems.
brembo remote reservoirs Brembo Remote Reservoirs - Brembo master cylinders require an external reservoir to hold the hydraulic fluid. Brembo recommends a 30ml or 45ml reservoir for the front brake system and a 15ml reservoir for the clutch and rear brake systems. You also need specialized Brembo brake hoses to connect your reservoir to the master, normal rubber hoses will "sweat" and let air into your brake system.

Available in: Brembo 15ml Reservoir, Brembo 30ml Reservoir, Brembo 45ml Reservoir, 5mm Brake Hose, 6mm Brake Hose, 9mm Brake Hose.
2">brembo reservoir mounting kit 2">Brembo Remote Reservoir Mounting Kit - Wondering how to mount Brembo reservoirs? Brembo now offers a mounting kit designed specifically for the Brembo brake master and Brembo clutch master cylinders. These kits make installing a Brembo brake system easy and clean looking.

Available in: Brembo Brake Reservoir Mount Kit (forged / billet), Brembo Clutch Reservoir Mount Kit, Brembo Mirror Bracket for Naked Bikes.
brembo banjo bolts from oppracing Double Banjo Bolts / Single Banjo Bolts - Aftermarket Brembo brake components use a a fine (1.0) thread pitch whereas stock Nissin / Tokiko brake components use a coarse (1.25) thread pitch. This means that you will need new banjo bolts when you upgrade to a Brembo brake system. Don't forget to change the crush washers at the same time to guarantee a perfect seal!

Available in: Brembo Double Banjo Bolt (with / without brake pressure switch), Brembo Single Banjo Bolt (with / without brake pressure switch), Copper washers.

Brembo Mountain Bike Brake System

Brembo mountain bike brake system Brembo Mountain Bike Brake System - Long Awaited, now finally available. Brembo brakes for our non-gasoline powered 2 wheeled friends

Brembo Tech Articles

Building the perfect Brembo brake system can sometimes be complex. In this section we have a few articles to help you understand more about the Brembo Brake Systems overall as well as the technology behind each Brembo brake product. As an official Brembo distributor, OPP Racing staff is trained in Brembo products and can help you customize a suitable system for your riding environment and style. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 604.942.6744 if you have any questions.

Brembo High Performance (HP): Build a Better Brake System - This article by OPP Racing is a comprehensive introduction to the Brembo High Performance brake line-up. Brembo's High Performance division designs bike specific OEM-replacement kits that allow you to upgrade your brake system one componenet at a time.

Overview of a Brembo Master Cylinder - This OPP Racing article explains in detail the technology behind a Brembo master cylinder. Learn the difference between a Brembo 19x18 / 19x20 / 16x16 / 16x18 master cylinder and also which one is best for your particular application.

The Revolutionary 19RCS Radial Brake Master Cylinder - This OPP article is an introduction to the RCS (Ratio Click System) used in Brembo's 19RCS Brake Master Cylinder, 15RCS BRake Master Cylinder and 16RCS Clutch Master Cylinder. The RCS system allows you to switch between 2 master cylinder configurations to get the best performance out of every riding environment.


Brembo and OPP Racing

OPP Racing is proud to be an official distributor for the Brembo High Performance and Brembo Racing motorcycle line-up. OPP staff are experts on the full line-up of Brembo motorcycle brake products and trained to build the perfect brake system for any motorcycle application. We keep a huge inventory of brake components and act as the premier supplier of Brembo for motorcycle retailers and riders all over North America. Please speak with our trained staff if you have any questions about Brembo motorcycle brakes and we will be happy to build you the best brake system for your riding style.


oppracing is the official distributor for Brembo high performance motorcycle parts oppracing is the official distributor for Brembo racing motorcycle parts
Brembo High Performance (HP) Distributor
Brembo Racing Distributor:


About Brembo

Brembo was founded in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy with the goal of manufacturing high performance aftermarket brake components for automobiles. Brembo’s first commercial customers included luxury car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, a fitting precursor to the company’s eventual status as a leader in premium brake systems. With a strong focus on cutting-edge research and development, Brembo gained recognition in the automotive industry and expanded their offerings to components such as brake rotors.

In 1972, Brembo developed their first motorcycle brake application as an OEM supplier for Moto Guzzi. Drawing from their research and development from automotive partnerships with leaders such as Ferarri, Brembo further refined and expanded their motorcycle brake products to include key components such as brake calipers and brake master cylinders.

Today, Brembo brake components are manufactured in 11 countries around the world. Brembo has extensive distribution networks on 3 continents and their brake products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide. With a staff of nearly 6000 worldwide, over 9% of Brembo’s staff are engineers and product specialists working in research and development. The company’s constant pursuit of braking performance propels them forward and solidifies their position as the leader in aftermarket brake systems.

Brembo High Performance (HP) Division

Headquartered in Italy, Brembo's High Performance Division specializes in high performance motorcycle brake systems for street and track riders. Each Brembo HP brake product is a model-specific OEM-replacement upgrade and includes all necessary mounting hardware making it the easiest and most affordable motorcycle brake system upgrade. The Brembo HP line-up includes Brembo brake master cylinders, Brembo brake calipers and Brembo brake rotors. Applications are available for most Japanese, Italian and British sportbikes.

Who uses Brembo?

If you take a look at professional racing such as World Superbike, AMA Superbike and MotoGP, virtually all riders use Brembo brakes to give them a competitive edge. Brembo brake components are second to none and have been delivering superior braking performance for over 45 years. Below are a few examples where you might have seen Brembo brake components in use:

Valentino Rossi using Brembo Brakes on his YZR-M1, picture courtesy of OPP Racing Valentino Rossi - Five time MotoGP Champion Valentino Rossi relies on Brembo brakes on his YZR-M1 to out-brake and out-perform other MotoGP racers. MotoGP is the leading prototype motorcycle racing league in the world.
Ben Spies AMA Superbike champion uses Brembo Brakes, picture from OPP Racing Ben Spies - Three time AMA Superbike Champion and World Superbike rider Ben Spies trusts Brembo brakes to keep him in the championship race. AMA Superbike is highest level of professional motorcycle racing in the USA. Troy Bayliss - Troy Bayliss used a Brembo brake system on his Ducati to bring home the 2008 World Superbike championship. World Superbike is the premiere league in world class motorcycle racing.
Ducati Desmosedici come stock with brembo brakes Motorcycle Manufacturers - When designing the MotoGP-replice Desmosedici superbike, Ducati chose to go with a Brembo brake system. Motorcycle manufacturers often turn to Brembo to equip their top sportbike models with a high performance brake system, another example being Yamaha on the 2006 R1 Limited Edition.