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LighTech Remote Adjust Brake Lever: Used by Max Neukirchner of WSBK Team Alstare Suzuki

LighTech's Remote Adjustable Brake Levers are used by professional racers to adjust for brake fade on-the-fly. Using a special adjuster & cable that attaches to the clutch side of the bike, you can tighten slack in your brakes with your free hand without letting off the throttle. Install it with OEM master cylinders or pair it up with a Brembo Master Cylinderupgrade for best results, this is a must-have upgrade for serious racers!
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oppracing Attention Racers:
Remote Adjustable Folding Brake Levers are an effective upgrade for racing conditions. Being able to adjust your brake lever to counteract brake fade with your left hand lets you keep your right hand on the throttle - where it belongs! LighTech's remote adjustable levers are available for both Brembo brake master cylinders as well as OEM master cylinders. No matter which class you race in, there's a LighTech remote adjust brake lever for your brake system.

Don't Forget:

Brembo Brake Master Cylinders - Brembo brake master cylinders provide greater brake feel & stronger stopping power necessary for top performance on the track and in the streets.

Racers: Make sure to check with your racing class regulations to see if they allow a Brembo brake master cylinder upgrade.
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LighTech Magnesium Brake Levers with Remote Adjuster (Long Folding) - LEVSM003
$256.95 (US)
  • Honda CBR1000RR 2004-2009
  • Honda CBR600RR 2005-2008