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Blackstone Tek (BST) is the world's premium manufacturer of carbon fiber motorcycle wheels. BST Carbon fiber wheels are the lightest and strongest wheels available. Installing BST wheels on your motorcycle is the single most effective modification you can perform.


What's so great about BST Carbon Fiber Rims?

Blackstone Tek BST wheels are 40-60% lighter than stock wheels and will reduce a bike's Moment of Inertia (ie. less energy is required to start or stop the bike) and reduce the gyroscopic effect of the wheels. Carbon fiber wheels are also stronger than traditional wheels. This means that:
  • Faster acceleration
  • Faster braking
  • Easier cornering and manueverability
  • Ultra-high tolerance to damage
  • Low corrosion susceptibility
  • A very cool 3D appearance

The lightest, strongest motorcycle wheels available

How light is a BST carbon fiber rim? A Suzuki GSXR 1000 2005-2006 front wheel is 5.8 lbs, the rear wheel is 8.8 lbs and the sprocket carrier is 2.0 lbs! To contrast, a set of forged aluminum rims can be over 24.0 lbs, nearly 8.0 lbs more!

Weight & Moment of Inertia Comparison

BST Carbon Fiber Wheels outperformed all other aftermarket wheels in this shoot-out!
lbs. in2
_ Front Rear MoI*
% Improvement
% Improvement
Blackstone Tek (BST) 5.5 10.38 217 304 - -
Marchesini Forged Magnesium 6.54 11.12 276 373 21% 18%
Marvic Penta Cast Magnesium 7.46 12.16 327 437 34% 30%
Marchesini Forged Aluminum 8.82 13.8 362 496 40% 39%
PVM Forged Aluminum Y5 7.96 13.44 346 489 37% 38%
Performance Machine Forged Aluminum 9.14 13.16 380 498 43% 39%
Dymag Custom Carbon 7.3 12.38 301 406 28% 25%
Suzuki Stock Cast Aluminum 10.28 16.8 480 880 55% 65%
MoI = Moment of Inertia. Think of it as "BST is X% better than the other wheels!
Independent testing performed by Sport Rider Magazine (February 2004 edition) based on 2004 Suzuki GSXR1000
Without getting too technical, Moment of Inertia (MOI) is the relative difference between how easy or hard it is to set a wheel in motion around an axis of rotation. The less energy it takes to spin the wheel, the faster you can go! For a detailed explanation of MoI, start with our friends at Wikipedia!

How does this affect your performance?

The energy needed to turn these wheels obviously comes from the engine. If you needless energy or power to turn your wheels, the available power accelerates the wheel quicker and you will end up with a higher maximum speed. But how much power can be saved by using Carbon wheels?

_ Total Weight Front 3.5" x 17" Rear 6" x 17"
Standard set of Cast Aluminum Wheels /td> 7.7 lbs 14.3 lbs
BST Carbon Fiber Wheels 11 lbs 4.62lbs 6.38lbs
Weight Savings 11 lbs or 100% - -
Inertia Savings 140% - -
Power Saving to accelerate wheels
from 0 to 200km in 10 secs
3KW or 5hp - -
Increase In Top Speed 4-7 km/h - -

Are BST Carbon Fiber wheels safe to use?

Despite the many internet myths, BST carbon fiber wheels are completely safe for the street or the track. Carbon fiber is an extremely robust material - even if you somehow succeed in damaging the wheel, the damage will not propogate while riding. To demonstrate the strength of a BST carbon fiber wheel, Race Applications Monaco (RAM) applied a 10,000 Newton stress test - that's enough energy to move 22,000 lbs about 3 ft. in a second.