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Brembo Banjo Bolts & Washers - You've a new Brembo Master Cylinder but how are you going to install it? Get the proper Brembo banjo bolts and washers to attach your master cylinder to your brake lines. (Psst...a banjo bolt is a perforated bolt that goes through the loop at the end of a brake line and plugs into the Brembo master cylinder.) You need to get a new banjo bolt because Brembo uses a different thread pitch (1.0) and you need to get the correct number of washers to form a tight seal on the banjo bolt. To make the right choice, you need to know your brake line configuration and how you are planning to use your bike.

Brake Line Configuration: You'll probably need a Brembo single banjo bolt if you haven't installed aftermarket brake lines (we recommend Spiegler brake lines). This will allow you to attach the single OEM brake line already on your bike to your new Brembo Brake master cylinder. If you have aftermarket brake lines and asked for a dual brake line configuration, you need a Brembo double banjo bolt.

Street vs. Race application: If you are using your bike for the street then you will need a Brembo banjo bolt with a pressure switch. The pressure switch is an extra part that causes the rear brake light to activate when you apply the brake. If you are using your bike exclusively for the track then you can install a Brembo banjo bolt without a pressure switch.

Brembo vs. Nissin: Brembo and Nissin are companies that manufacture brake parts. Each company uses a different thread pitch for their bolts. Brembo uses a fine thread (1.0) and Nissin uses a coarse thread (1.25). If you have a Brembo brake system, you will see the Brembo logo or name on the part. Otherwise, you probably have a Nissin system (ie. almost every non-Brembo OEM brake system).

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