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Gilles Tooling Chain Adjusters allows you to easily & precisely adjust your chain's tension. Stock chain adjusters offer limited adjustment range and are often hard to read. The Gilles Chain Adjusters are CNC machined out of billet aluminum and offer clear precise markings. No more guessing on your chain life and risk running a mis-aligned rear axle!

Gilles Tooling KTS Chain Adjuster vs TCA Chain Adjuster

gilles tooling chain adjusters comparison between KTS chain adjuster and TCA chain adjuster

Gilles Tooling KTS Chain Adjuster
  • Original Gilles Tooling Design
  • Clearly marked axle position indication
  • Adjustment from behind the bike using an allen key
  • Optional lifters available for use with GP rear stands
  • Hard Anodized in Gold / Black / Titanium
  • Custom colors Red / Blue / Green available via special order
Gilles Tooling TCA Chain Adjuster
  • 2009 new design from Gilles Tooling
  • 2 "transmission" gears within chain adjuster for smooth adjustment action
  • Chain adjuster screws directly into swingarm replacing the OEM adjustment bolt (more secure)
  • Clearly marked axle position indications
  • Adjustment made from side of the bike using an allen key (provided)
  • Available in Gold / Black / Titanium
  • Optional Lifters available for use with GP rear stand
  • Optional crash protection pad available
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