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High Performance Front Brake Rotors - The perfect blend of performance and price, Brembo High Performance (HP) brake rotor kits are easy upgrades for the most popular Japanese and Italian sportbikes. HP brake rotors have improved performance and a longer lifespan than OEM rotors.

OppRacing is the worlds largest and most comprehensive Brembo distributor/dealer ! With over 25 years in the Brembo Moto industry , OppRacing staff will help you get the correct parts for your motorcycle . Call or email our office , we have supplied brakes from street riders all the way to world Superbike and everything in between . OppRacing massive inventory we will get you braking ASAP ! 



“T-Drive” disc concentrates the most recent Brembo Racing technologies and knowhow, until now exclusive of MotoGP and SBK. A special “T” profile of the eight connections between rotor and drum is the innovation that makes “T-Drive” discs so different from traditional versions with cylindrical bushings. This particular coupling allows to transfer braking torque more efficiently and guarantees higher resistance to thermo-mechanical stresses. T-Drive system assures both radial and axial movements (full floating) for better performances and a weight reduction which gives a consistent improvement in bike handling. The new rotor is lighter (reduced height) and more efficient thanks to new position of holes with differentiated diameters. Also the drum concretely cooperates to the achievement of the best result: produced in aluminium alloy through CNC machining, has been projected to guarantee lightness and stiffness. We at OppRacing take all in house pictures so you don't get a blanket picture for what you are buying.  

We at OppRacing carry a massive inventory of Brembo CNC and Brembo T-Drive disk for all brands and models. With our large live-inventory system we ship daily all over the world. We are North America's oldest and most trusted number one #1 source for all Brembo disks and Brembo products. Our knowledgable staff will know exactly which rotors are right for your application and make sure you have the correct Brembo spacers for your Brembo calipers. We carry every product Brembo has to offer including all spare parts. From the smallets pin to the top of the line Brembo MotoGP (wet) caliper. We carry all Brembo Racing Superbike calipers which are used extenisvely in World Superbike. including he super cool  Brembno T-Drive Narrow Band Racing rotors measuring 6.0 mm thick . These big boys will make any motorcycle stop on a dime. We at OppRacing know exactly which pads to use for your application weather street or racing as well as give you suggestions on which Brembo caliper work best. For example the Brembo T-Drive Narrow Band  Racing Rotors are best matched with Brembo Z04 pads. These Brembo Z04 pads have an incredible feel and stopping power, which is unmatched to any other pad on the market. Used extensively in MotoAmerica, World Super Sport , World superbike teams, and any road racing organization between currently use the Brembo Z04 pads.  Almost unfair advantage! Even teams who are sponsored by other brake pad manufactures use the Brembo Z04 pad instead of their sponsored brake pads. Yes ! They are that amazingly good! The Brembo Z04 pads are not cheap but the braking perfomance is truly incredible. Our staff will be able to make sure that you are getting the correct pad for your application and usage. We love the Brembo Z04 pad , but it is a racing pad and needs to be applied in the correct application with the correct Brembo calipers and Brembo rotors and Brembo master to work properly. 

We at OppRacing also carry all Brembo OE rear rotors as well as the highly covetted and ultra rare Brembo Rear Race  rotors. We also carry Brembo supermotard kits as well as Brembo motocross rotors and kits ! We really sell everything Brembo has to offer , that is why OppRacing has been the number #1 trusted source for Brembo for over 25 years ! We ship everyday worldwide with fantastic rates from USPS, Canada Post, FEDEX , DHL and  UPS! Give us a call or email [email protected] for all your Brembo braking needs.

Brembo HPK Moto Rotors Win in Wolrd Supersport ! 2011