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Brembo Clutch Master Cylinders

Are you looking for an OE (original equipment) Brembo clutch master that came from the factory with a Brembo clutch, or are you looking to upgrade your clutch to an aftermarket Brembo master?

brembo racing clutch master cylindersbrembo oe clutch master cylinder

Brembo Racing Clutch Master Cylinders - Many racers and street riders choose to upgrade their hydraulic clutch to an aftermarket Brembo unit to fine tune the sensitivity, lever effort and feel of their clutch. The aftermarket clutch master cylinders from Brembo are usually billet machined out of a single piece of aluminum, and offer more precise feel and better looks. They are also available in different piston sizes and lever pivots to allow you to customize your clutch configuration.

Brembo OE Clutch Master Cylinders - Many manufactures use Brembo's expertise in clutches by equipping their production motorcycles with Brembo. These OE master cylinders are typically forged in construction, and often include a built-in reservoir for an all-in-one unit. These are usually inexpensive, but not as precise as an aftermarket billet constructed one.

OPP carries the entire range of clutch master cylinders from Brembo, including OE, High Performance and Racing.

If you are looking for a replacement lever for your cable clutch, look in this section for Clutch levers from Brembo, LighTech, CRG and Gilles Tooling.