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OPP Racing is carrying the full line-up of�CAPIT�premium tire warmers. All warmers are ready to ship!!

10 Reasons why YOU should be using Capit Tire Warmers

  1. Special external material treated with teflon to resist any kind of liduid. No need to worry about a bit of spilt oil or coolant when servicing the bike on race day.
  2. Nomex fire retardent interior lining. Nomex is both fire and waterproof and is proven to be resistant for more than 6 years.
  3. You can have you race teams logo put right on the warmers. No need to worry if you have the right warmers on your bike.
  4. Velcro closure for ease of intal and removal of the warmers and unlike other brands, does not leave that pesky draw string to get cought up in the wheel.
  5. Silicone power cable that will resist up to 200C. Unlike the PVC coated lines of competitors, you do not need to worry bout hot brake discs or exhaust and it will be be harmed by fuel or oil spills.
  6. Capit offers the first and only Self-Adjusting tyrewarmer in the world. No need to keep an eye on the warmers allowing you to tend to other racing needs.
  7. Check power lamp, nail rip prevent.
  8. 40 meters of heating cable used inside the warmers for shorter heating times and more uniform temperatures.
  9. Teflon heating cable unlike the silicone type used in all other warmers on the market today.
  10. These warmers are mechanical shock resistant. This means that jolts, drops and bumps will not cause damage that will stop these units from working. No need to baby the warmers!

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