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EK Motorcycle Chains from OPP Racing

EK Chains (Enuma Chain Mfg. Co.) has been manufacturing high quality chains for over 60 years. Their manufacturing plant in Japan is an ISO 9001 certified facility and produces a large line-up of performance street and racing chains such as the MVXZ Quadra X-Ring series, the ZVX2 series and the new ZZZ "ultimate sportbike chain" which harnesses the power of modern 1400cc sportbikes.
EK MVXZ Chains - Premium Quadra-X Ring Chains
  • Most popular - recommended for up to 1000cc bikes with up to 100 hp (520 pitch), 130 hp (525 pitch), 145 hp (530 pitch)
  • Solid bushings
  • Lightening holes on the sideplates
  • Larger diameter pins
  • Friction reducing Quadra-X Rings
  • 9000 lbs / ft tensile strength on 520 pitch
  • 9300 lbs / ft tensile strength on 525 / 530 pitch
  • Available in natural, chrome, gold, red, blue, green, yellow, purple
  • Zero Stretch Technology (ZST) available as an option
EK ZVX2 Chain - Extreme Chain for Extreme Bikes
  • Recommended for 1000cc and up bikes with up to 180hp
  • 10560 lbs / ft tensile strength
  • Available in Natural, Gold, Chrome, Red, Blue, Yellow
EK ZZZ Chain - The Ultimate Street Performance Chain
  • Recommended for 1100cc and up sportbikes or modified bikes with extreme power
  • Revolutionary new sideplate profile for better load distribution
  • Incredible 11000 lbs / ft tensile strength without increasing weight
  • Available in Metalflake Gold and Metalflake Silver
  • Zero Stretch Technology (ZST) available on all ZZZ chains
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