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Samco Hoses are used by many top Superbike teams including BMW Motorrad, MSS Kawasaki, HM Plant Honda, KTM Austria, KTM North America and many more. Samco silicone hoses offer improved cooling, better flow and are resistant to the extreme temperatures & pressures of high performance motorcycles.

Why Samco Silicone Hoses?
Samco Hoses are made from high quality silicone and offer much better heat dissipation than OEM rubber hoses. Samco silicone hoses will also withstand much higher pressures than stock hoses and will never have to be replaced for the life of the bike. Each Samco hose is manufactured by hand in the UK from the highest grade of silicone & reinforcing fabrics for additional strength and durability. Finally each hose is visually inspected and pressure tested to ensure it meets strict SAE J20 standards, with a quality system approved to BSEN ISO 9002:2000.

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Samco Silicone Hose Colors

Did you know: British Superbike team MSS Kawasaki uses SamcoSport Hose Kits on both their ZX10R & ZX6R superbikes.

"You don't want anything going wrong with your bike at 170mph - that's why we have pure performance parts on our Ninja ZX-6R. Samco hoses improve the performance of our bikes - and they look pure trick too!"
- Michael Rutter, MSS Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R Rider