Looking to add color to your ride? LighTech is a virtual candy store when it comes to colored accessories.

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LighTech Anodized Accessories - Individual Part Descriptions

LighTech Front Axle Nut - The front axle nut can easily be replaced with LighTech's aluminum axle nut. This is yet motorcycle accessory that lets you add color highlights. Also consider replacing the Rear Axle / Sprocket Nut at the same time to match the front and rear!
lightech rear axle nut LighTech Rear Axle / Rear Sprocket Nut - Just like you did for the front axle nut, you can replace your rear axle nut with LighTech's sprocket nut! This anodized nut is often called both "rear axle nut" and "rear sprocket nut" and features grooves to hold the cotter pin. This is yet motorcycle accessory that lets you add color highlights, don't forget to replace the front axle nut at the same time!
lightech swingarm pivot shaft nut LighTech Swingarm Pivot Shaft Nut - LighTechs anodized swing arm nut replaces the stainless steel nut located on the side of the bike adding color and reducing weight. Please note that the swingarm pivot nut is only installed on 1 side of the bike, the other side is a specialized screw fastener that cannot be replaced.
lightech steering stem head nut LighTech Steering Stem Head Nut - The steering stem head nut (also known as the triple tree head nut) can be replaced with an anodized aluminum steering nut for an easy color highlight. Looks great when paired with other LighTech anodized bike accessories such as front axle nut, rear axle nut, etc.
lightech nut and bolt kits available Engine / Frame / Fairing Nut & Bolt Kit - A LighTech specialty! Replace all of the nuts, bolts and screws for your frame, fairings and engine with a LighTech anodized kit. Color coordinate your bike with black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo bolt kits.
lightech sprocket nuts Sprocket Nuts - Accent your rear wheel with colored sprocket nuts. LighTech sprocket nuts have locking nylon threads to prevent the nuts from backing out, unlike some offered by other companies. Yet another example of the commitment to quality from LighTech.
LighTech Windscreen Fasteners / Windscreen Screws Kit - The windscreen bolt kit replaces all the stock windscreen screws with anodized fasteners. This subtle upgrade will highlight your motorcycle windscreen and looks great when paired with a Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen.
lightech gas cap screw kit LighTech Gas Cap Screws kit - Gascap screw kits are popular motorcycle tank accessories. Another popular motorcycle tank accessory is the LighTech Aftermarket Gas Cap which are keyless billet fuel caps.
lightech dzus fasteners Dzus Fasteners - Quick release fasteners make installing bodywork a snap. Literally! Available in different sizes, lengths and colors, great for use with aftermarket race bodywork.
lightech individual screws and bolts Individual Screws / Bolts - Looking for a single colored bolt? LighTech offers virtually every metric bolt style, length, diameter and color under the sun.
lightech front brake reservoir cover LighTech Brake Reservoir Cover - Replace your brake reservoir cover with LighTech's anodized reservoir covers on your brake and clutch! Billet aluminum covers with anodized color you can't go wrong with this easy motorcycle accessory.
lightech clutch reservoir cover LighTech Clutch Reservoir Cover - If you have a hydraulic clutch this anodized clutch reservoir cover is a must! Pair it with a matching LighTech Brake Reservoir Cover and you'll complete the color highlights on your bike!
lightech chain adjusters Anodized Chain Adjusters and Lifters - LighTech Chain Adjusters feature a unique indexed adjustment which produces a click that you can hear and feel with every turn. Each adjuster also has traditional markings for precise alignment. Optional lifters are compatible with GP-style stands.
lightech individual nuts Individual Aluminum Nuts - Nuts in all shapes, colors and sizes. No pun intended.
lightech oil filler cap oem style

LighTech Oil Filler Cap - This anodized Oil Filler Cap is as easy as it comes when it comes to motorcycle accessories. Literally unscrew your existing oil cap and screw the LighTech anodized oil cap in! Less than 10 seconds!

Racer Alert: LighTech's aluminum oil cap is a drilled oil cap and ready for safety wire!

lightech preload adjuster style 2 Fork Spring Preload Adjuster Knobs - Eliminate wrenches and be able to hand-adjust the preload on your forks. Anodized in black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo, these adjuster knobs are functional and attractive.
lightech swingarm spools Anodized Swingarm Spools - Compatible with LighTech's aluminum and iron spool stands, these spools are available in black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo.
Quick Release Keyless Gas Caps - LighTech spring-loaded quarter-turn keyless gas caps make refueling a snap. No more fumbling with keys. Choose from black, silver, gold, red, blue and indigo.
Full Spin Keyless Gas Caps - An alternative to LighTech's popular quick release gas cap, these keyless spin caps add a different look to your bike. Also available with a special racing key for tightening the gas cap.
Anodized Bar Ends - LighTech offers handlebar ends in a smooth & knurled style available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Indigo, Gold. LighTech offers bar-ends to fit OEM handle bars as well as aftermarket clip-ons such as LighTech, Gilles Tooling, Vortex, and many others.
lightech valve stem cap Valve Stem Caps - Possibly the most inexpensive modification to your bike, ever.