LighTech Frame Sliders with Shock Absorption

  • LighTech offers frame sliders in 2 styles: Frame Slider with Magnesium Pucks  Frame Slider with Delrin Pucks

In an innovative step in reducing crash damage, LighTech introduced frame sliders with rubber shock absorbers. By combining a solid Magnesium or Delrin puck with a soft rubber center, LighTech frame sliders have excellent sliding capabilities while cushioning the blow upon impact. Magnesium or Delrin pucks also react better to shock, unlike standard run of the mill long delrin or aluminum pucks which transfer the shock from crash directly to mounting point. Magnesium is soft and designed to slide without sparking. Designed to be no-cut whenever possible, all mounting brackets are made from billet aluminum on these LighTech sliders. Lightech's inovative design has brought Frame Sliders to a new generation, giving motorcyclists unprecedented protection against crash damage.

Optional: You can also replace the white rubber center with a Black / Red / Blue / Green / Yellow to match your color scheme!

Lightech frame sliders are extensively used in World Superbike , Wolrd supersport as well as all European Championships, tested by profesionals world wide. SLIGHTLY MORE MONEY THAN REGULAR SLIDERS BUT WORTH THE INVESTMENT  - STYLE AND FUNCTION

LighTech Axle Sliders

  • LighTech offers 2 styles of axle sliders: Delrin with Aluminum Inserts (red or titanium) shown on left  &  Full Delrin (black) shown on right

LighTech front & rear axle slider kits protect your front & rear axles in the event of a crash. These axle slider kits are bike-specific and use either threaded or well nuts for a perfect & secure fit. Installs in minutes, axle sliders will save you hours of work in removing a damaged axle / fork bottom.

ligtech antiscratch swing arm spools

LighTech Swingarm Spools

  • LighTech offers 2 styles of swingarm spools: Full Anodized (6 colors) shown on top  &  Anti Scratch (aluminum with colored cap) shown on bottom

Swing arm spools protects your swing arm from crash damage, and also allows an easy way to securely lift your bike onto a stand. Made from billet aluminum and finished in 6 colors, LighTech swingarm spools offer superior crash protection and looks over cheap rubber swingarm spools.

Optional: Don't forget the matching LighTech rear stand for all your maintainance & storage needs!

lightech bar ends banner

LighTech Bar Ends

  • LighTech offers 3 styles of bar-ends: Type 3 bar end (6 colors)  &  Smooth bar end (6 colors)  &  Knurled bar end (6 colors)

50% Looks & 50% function, LighTech's bar ends come in 6 colors and in either a smooth or knurled style. The added weight also reduce vibrations through your handlebar. If your bike goes down, these bar ends also protect your expensive clip ons from getting chewed up.