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Velocity Stacks - BTM-STAK-23-K67



Fits the following bikes
  • BMW S1000RR 2023
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With the success and amazing feedback we've gotten from our M/S 1000RR/R/XR flashes, we wanted to turn our focus to getting into your engine in a more efficient way. Our custom velocity stacks and revised tuning for the OEM widebands not only gives a dramatic, top-end power increase, but also doesn't loose any power in the low or midrange of the RPM. Our easy to install, custom velocity stacks don't shift the powerband over and decrease power down low. We managed to make more power where it matters.

We found with competitor velocity stacks that a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work for the M1000RR (K66) and S1000RR (K67) airboxes. As we have exhaustively tested this in box airboxes and found dramatic power loss. Instead, we we spent months testing and developed two different stack designs. One for the M1000RR and one for the S1000RR that make the best power for each. (dyno results below). With our FTCL (full-time closed loop) tuning there's no need to worry about your bike going to lean or rich. Your bike tunes itself (BT Moto exclusive feature).

We are confident our velocity stacks will be a noticeable and quantifiable change in your bike that leaves you smiling every time you get off the seat.

BT Moto velocity stacks are developed and designed TO WORK WITH BT MOTO CUSTOM FLASHING. Flash adjustments include revised funnel actuation and fine tuning for BT Moto custom velocity stacks. *VELOCITY STACKS DO NOT REQUIRE FLASH PURCHASE BUT IS RECOMMENDED FOR ADVERTISED RESULTS*


  • BT Moto velocity stack kit (install video below).
  • FTCL (full-time closed loop) lambda targeting enabled for all applicable models (comes with flash).
  • Correct fueling on both banks in “Alpha N” mode and race modes (comes with flash).
  • Funnel actuation corrected for BT Moto velocity stacks (comes with flash).
  • Custom velocity stack designed for YOUR airbox. No one size fits all approach.
  • OEM fitment and ability to go back to stock when ever you'd like.
  • Plug and play
  • Gain 5-10HP (depending on bike and mods) at higher RPM's (with BT Moto Flash).
  • No power loss in low or midrange (with BT Moto Flash).


Red anodized and made from billet aluminum with our laser etched logo, the BT Moto Velocity Stacks have been carefully engineered and designed to maximize power in the higher RPM range while not losing power in the low RPM range.

Made for an OEM fit, the BT Moto velocity stacks aluminum ring clamp to ensure tight fitment while also being easy to install. These are plug-and-play and require no additional modifications to your airbox to fit. Simply remove your factory velocity stacks and install ours in. Coupled with our custom flash, the combination makes an extremely easy install and tune that can be done in your own garage with basic tools or mechanical knowledge.