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DOT 4 Brake Fluid - LCF 600 Plus (500ml) - 04816411


Brembo Racing

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Product Description

Item Summary

  • Recommended for racing and high intensity riding
  • Dry boiling point - 316 Celsius (601 Fahrenheit)
  • Wet boiling point - 204 Celsius (399 Fahrenheit)
  • Proven low compressibility at high temperatures
  • Must not be used with magnesium brake components

About the Product

Racing Brembo LCF 600 plus 
used by the most important teams of MotoGP, WSBK, SSP and F1 
Specially developed for racing 
Miscible with DOT3 & DOT4 
LCF is not used in braking systems containing magnesium parts. 
Dry Boiling point: 316 ° 
Nassiedepunkt: 204 ° 
Content: 500ml 

Technical Features

  • Low compressibility factor at high temperature
  • High dry boiling point
  • Brembo Racing LCF 600 Plus have bee specifically forumulated to provide the highest performance under all racing conditions
  • It exceeds the requirements of U.S. FMVSS 116 DOT4 specifications
  • Compatible with all Brembo Racing brake systems
  • It can be mixed with other COT3 and DOT4 Racing brake fluids
  • Brembo suggests to drain the brake system before filling with the Brembo Racing LCF 600 Plus. 
  • Brembo Racing LCF 600 Plus must not be used in brake system contain madnesium parts

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