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Internal Bar-End Adapters



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Product Description

Item Summary

  • Bar-End Adapter Kit used to install mirrors at end of handlebar
  • Must be used with hollow handlebars, 12mm-19mm diameter

About the Product

  • Kit Includes: (1) Black Anodized Bar End Cap (2) Dual Wedges (1) Wedge Nut (2) Shims (1) Stainless Steel Draw Screw
  • The Billet Internal Bar-End Kit offers an alternative to the basic Hindsight Bar-End Mirror mount. Bar End Mirrors traditionally mount into the end bore of hollow handle-bars.
  • This assembly will fit into smooth bore handlebar diameters as small as 12mm (0.475") and as large as 19mm (.750").
  • Once installed in the handlebar the clamp of the Hindsight Mirror will interlock into the groove of the adapter cap, making for a secure mirror mounting.

Mounting Instructions:

CRG Mirrors mount directly onto a 7/8" handlebar (most sportbikes) without the need for additional hardware. IF you do not have enough room on the handlebar for a clamp, most bikes can use the following to mount: