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Adhesive Backed Aluminized Heat Barrier - 48 x 24 inch sheet



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Product Description

Item Summary

  • Withstands temperatures up to 400F.
  • Adhesive-Backed
  • Reduces Noise Pollution
  • Size 48"x24"
  • About the Product

    The Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier protects parts and components from radiant heat. It can be used in applications to protect painted surfaces, plastic parts or any component from the damaging effects of radiant heat.

    Aluminized Heat Barrier is made up of woven silica with a flexible aluminized finish. The highly reflective surface of the material is capable of withstanding radiant temperatures in excess of 2000°F.

    The adhesive backed composite construction material can easily be applied to any surface or wrapped around a hose or wire to make a clean professional appearance.