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Velocity Stacks


ER Racing

Fits the following bikes
  • Honda CBR600RR 2007-2016
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Product Description

Item Summary

  • 4 piece design
  • +6 hp in the mid-range
  • +2 hp on the top end
  • Billet Aluminum
  • Increbible gains
  • Developed and tested in world supersport and wolrd superbike
  • Used extensively in World Supersport Championship

About the Product

  • The Honda CBR600RR 07-11 velocity stacks are designed to increase horsepower in the mid range. With the OEM ecu there is a power dip in the mid RPM range slowing down riders in corner exits. The ER Racing velocity stacks smooth out the power band in the mid-range resulting in a 6 hp gain over stock. The velocity stacks also add 2hp to the top of your rev range.
  • Used extensively in World Supersport Championship in Europe
  • Yes they are expensive, but if you are looking for HP , this is cheap once you have done your exhaust and other mods. Best Bang for the BUCK ! . We have sold dozens of these, and always had very happy customers grinning from ear to ear!! Solid horse power gains, on tap !