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LighTech Titanium Screws - Custom Single Orders

Titanium is used by top tier race teams to shave weight. Titanium is just as strong as stainless steel but 45% lighter! Common applications are titanium rotor bolts, titanium caliper bolts and titanium cush drives but virtually all stainless steel bolts can be replaced with a titanium screw.

LighTech Titanium Screws - Variety of Head Styles and Sizes

Looking for Titanium screws, nuts and bolts? You've come to the right place! LighTech offers a dazzling range of titanium screws in different head styles, sizes and lengths. Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter! Used by top-tier race teams to reduce weight, titanium parts are ultra trick and highly effective. Give us a call if you need help choosing the right screw!

Tightening Torque for 5TH Degree Titanium Bolts (Titanium 4AV4V G5)
Style M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Torque 1.73 N 3.57 N 6.90 N 11.10 N 28.30 N 57.60 N 97.50 N
LighTech T001 Style Titanium Screws
Titanium Tapered Allen Head Screw
Head Diameter:
M4 = 7mm
M5 = 8.5mm
M6 = 10mm
M8 = 13mm
M10 = 16mm
LighTech T002 Style Titanium Screws
Titanium Button Allen Head Screw
Head Diameter:
M4 = 10mm
M5 = 12mm
M6 = 14mm
M8 = 16mm
LighTech T003 Style Titanium Screws
Titanium Flat Button Allen Head Screw
Head Diameter:
M5 = 14mm
M6 = 17mm
M8 = 22mm
LighTech T004 Style Titanium Screws
Titanium Hex Flange Bolt
Head Diameter:
M4 = 9.5mm
M5 = 10mm
M6 = 12mm
M8 = 16mm
M10 = 19.5mm
LighTech T005 Style Titanium Screws
Titanium Countersunk Allen Head Screw
Head Diameter:
M4 = 8mm
M5 = 10mm
M6 = 12mm
M8 = 16mm

LighTech's Titanium Parts for Specific Applications

LighTech also offers titanium parts for specific applications such as titanium brake rotor bolts, titanium brake caliper bolts, titanium cush drive pins, and even titanium nuts and washers.

LighTech Titanium rotor bolt kit LighTech Titanium Rotor Bolts - Titanium rotor bolt lets you replace your stock stainless steel with bolts that are just as strong but 45% lighter!!
weight savings with LighTech titanium caliper bolts prevents corrosion LighTech Titanium Caliper Bolts - Titanium caliper bolts are probably the easiest way to start saving weight with titanium components. Make sure you know the length you need when you're ordering, length varies according to application and rotor size. These caliper bolts are great with the ultra high end Brembo Monobloc Brake Calipers!
LighTech Titanium Cush Drive Pins - If you're reducing weight with a new set of wheels, make sure to get the matching Titanium cush drive pins! The cush drive is a rotating mass so weight reduction here will also reduce the gyroscopic effect of the wheels yielding better performance!
LighTech titanium nuts LighTech Titanium Nuts / Titanium Nut - Go all out with titanium nuts and washers. The more stainless steel components you can replace the lighter your bike! Used by top racers!
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MotoCorse Eccentric hub titanium screws kit (Nr.2) - 102105038
$111.95 (US)
  • Ducati Panigale V4 / S / SP 2018-2022
  • Ducati Panigale V4R 2018-2022