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LighTech Titanium Tapered Allen Head Screws - "T001 Style"
Head Diameter:
M4 = 7mm
M5 = 8.5mm
M6 = 10mm
M8 = 13mm
M10 = 16mm

Recommended as Brake Caliper Bolts- These T001 Titanium Bolts are 45% lighter than stainless steel just as strong!

LighTech Titanium Screws - Custom Single Orders

Titanium is used by top tier race teams to shave weight. Titanium is just as strong as stainless steel but 45% lighter! Common applications are titanium rotor bolts, titanium caliper bolts and titanium cush drives but virtually all stainless steel bolts can be replaced with a titanium screw.

LighTech Titanium Screws - Variety of Head Styles and Sizes

Looking for Titanium screws, nuts and bolts? You've come to the right place! LighTech offers a dazzling range of titanium screws in different head styles, sizes and lengths. Titanium is as strong as steel but 45% lighter! Used by top-tier race teams to reduce weight, titanium parts are ultra trick and highly effective. Give us a call if you need help choosing the right screw!

Tightening Torque for 5TH Degree Titanium Bolts (Titanium 4AV4V G5)
Style M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12
Torque 1.73 N 3.57 N 6.90 N 11.10 N 28.30 N 57.60 N 97.50 N

LighTech's Titanium Parts for Specific Applications

LighTech also offers titanium parts for specific applications such as: