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OPP Racing is proud to be the Distributor for Ferodo Motorcycle Brake Pads. Ferodo is a leading name in brake pads, and their pads are used by Ben Spies, the Yamaha World Superbike team, and many more. Ferodo offers a huge line-up including 8 different friction compounds, to suit the most demanding racers and street riders.

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OPP Racing is also the Distributor for Brembo's motorcycle brake pads & motorcycle brake line-up. Brembo is the biggest name in motorcycle brake components, and their brake pads & entire brake systems are used extensively in all levels of racing including MotoGP, World Superbike, AMA Superbike and virtually all others. Their line-up includes friction compounds suitable for endurance racing, GP racing and aggressive street riding.

Front and Rear Brake Pads are the most often replaced brake parts, and also a core component to your brake system. Choosing the correct type of brake compound to suit your riding style is crucial for braking performance. Choose your brake pads based on the type of riding you do, not how fast you think you can ride! Racing compounds are ineffective on the street due to lack of heat and will actually give you LESS braking performance than a suitable street compound.

To find your perfect set of pads, start by choosing between Brake Pads for Aftermarket Calipers (ones that are different than what came from the factory), or Brake Pads for OEM Calipers (calipers that came with the bike from the manufacturer).

Find your brake pads for aftermarket calipersFind your brake pads for oem calipers