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LighTech Brake & Clutch Lever Kits / LighTech Brake Levers / LighTech Clutch Levers

LighTech brake levers & clutch levers are made from light weight magnesium and are available in 2 lever shapes (straight & curved). Used in World Superbike, these levers will fold up in a crash to reduce crash damage, and feature an air vent at the tip to reduce drag at high speeds. Magnesium, folding, and vented, these levers are the real deal and a great value as well.

Also available is the LighTech race cable clutch & perch which fits onto all motorcycles with cable clutches.

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LighTech Remote Adjuster for OE Master Cylinder / LighTech Remote Adjuster for BREMBO Master Cylinder

As you experience brake fade on the track, remote adjusters allow you to dial out brake fade with your left hand while keeping your right hand on the throttle. This means more time on the gas and less time on the brakes generating faster lap times. This item is a must-have for serious racers, and is available for both OE master cylinders as well as aftermarket Brembo master cylinders.

LighTech Replacement Levers for Brembo Master Cylinders

Broke a lever on your aftermarket Brembo Master Cylinder in a crash? Or looking for a matching LighTech lever to go with your other side? LighTech also offers replacement levers for Brembo's aftermarket brake / clutch master cylinders.