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OPP Racing is a high performance motorcycle parts distributor, we work with manufacturers all over the world to bring you the best aftermarket motorcycle parts. Every part you see in these catalogs are available through OPP Racing's dealer distribution program. Updated $USD and $CDN pricing is listed on this website under the appropriate sections.

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OPP Racing Catalog - Performance Motorcycle Parts Distributor

OPP Racing is a leading motorcycle performance parts distributor in North America. Featuring a focused high performance product line-up, OPP Racing delivers premium motorcycle components from all over the world.



Download the 2008 OPP Racing Catalog!
Performance Motorcycle Parts Distributor
OPP Racing 2008 Catalog: 9.41 mbs

Note: Products / part numbers / prices may have changed since the catalog was released, please check the website for the most current product information.


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LighTech Catalogs - Italian Racing Components
Distributed by OPP Racing

LighTech is the leader manufacturer of Italian racing components. Their products are used extensively in World Superbike racing by top racers like Troy Bayliss (2008 WSBK Champion), Troy Corser (2005 WSBK Champion), Max Neurchirkner (2008 WSBK 4th) and many more.


2013 LighTech Catalog Download
LighTech 2013 Catalog: 6.6 MB

2012 LighTech Catalog Download
LighTech 2012 Catalog: 14.7 MB

2011 LighTech Catalog Download
LighTech 2010 Catalog: 13.8 MB

2010 LighTech Catalog Download
LighTech 2010 Catalog: 10.5 MB


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Brembo Catalogs - Performance Motorcycle Brakes
Distributed by OPP Racing

Brembo's High Performance Division specializes in high performance motorcycle brake systems for street and track riders. Each Brembo HP brake product is a model-specific OEM-replacement upgrade and includes all necessary mounting hardware making it the easiest and most affordable motorcycle brake system upgrade.
  2009 brembo brochure mini catalog

2012 Brembo & Marchesini Motorcycle Catalog
Brembo & Marchesini 2012 Catalog: 8.3 MB

2010 Brembo Motorcycle Catalog
Brembo 2010 Catalog: 4.25 mbs

2009 Brembo Motorcycle Catalog
Brembo 2009 Catalog: 3.14 mbs

2009 Brembo Fold-out with Part #'s!
Brembo 2009 Brochure (includes Part #'s): 21.52 mbs
Warning - this is a large file!

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Marchesini Catalog - Motorcycle Wheels
Distributed by OPP Racing

Marchesini is the first name in performance motorcycle wheels, and is used by teams in World Superbike, AMA Superbike and many more. Marchesini offers a full range of wheels for virtually every sportbike application.

Download the 2012 Marchesini Wheels Catalog
Marchesini motorcycle wheels
Marchesini 2012 Catalog: 3.86 mbs


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Mad Doctors Catalog - Euro Fender Eliminator Kits
Distributed by OPP Racing

Mad Doctor's Creatures is an Italian manufacturer of Euro Fender Eliminator Kits. Their fender eliminator kits are available for Japanese, Italian and British sportbikes & touring bikes and replace the stock OEM rear license plate holders.

Download the 2008 Mad Doctor Catalog
Euro Fender Eliminator Kits
Mad Doctor 2008 Catalog: 5.61 mbs

Note: All Mad Doctors Fender Eliminator Kits purchased from OPP Racing will include the North American spec license plate holder

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SamcoSport Motorcycle Silicone Hose Catalog - Performance Silicone Hoses
Distributed by OPP Racing

SamcoSport is the world leader in performance motorcycle silicone hoses. Samco motorcycle hoses are used in World Superbike by riders like 2-time Champion Troy Corser. Silicone hoses limit hose expansion and improves cooling leading to better performance.
samco 2009 catalog

Download the 2009 SamcoSport Catalog
Performance Silicone Hoses
SamcoSport 2009 Catalog: 265 KB

Manufacturer's Catalogs available online from OPP Racing

OPP Racing carries a large range of premium motorcycle performance products. All of the products you see in these manufacturer's catalog is available through OPP Racing, please give us a call if you see something you like that's not listed on our website.