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Front Brake Master Cylinder - PR19x20 without Reservoir, Long Folding Lever, Billet Radial, Front - XR01172


Brembo Racing

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Product Description

Item Summary

  • Beautiful billet master cylinder in 19x20 configuration
  • Offers stronger pull and less travel than 19x18
  • Features folding lever to protect against crash damage
  • Recommended for street
  • A great piece for showbikes
  • Replaced the # XR01112 19x20 billet brake master cylinder

About the Product

Radial Master Cylinder Brembo PR 19x20, CNC: 
-- Piston diameter 19 mm 
-- Leverage translation 20 mm 
-- with hinged lever, Standard
-- Housing aluminum, CNC 
-- Hard anodized 
-- Hydraulic brakeswitch possible 
-- Brake Fluid DOT 4, or 5.1 
-- Weight 264 grams 

Technical Specifications

  • Piston Diameter: 19mm
  • Lever Ratio: 20
  • Lever Type: FL
  • Front/Rear: Front
  • Type: Radial
  • Single/Double Disc: Double
  • Material: Billet Aluminum
  • Finishing: Hard Anodizing
  • Weight: 286gr
  • Microswitch: No
  • Handlebar Fixing: 22.2mm
  • Brake Fluid: DOT4

Spare Parts

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Brembo Reservoir Required: When upgrading your Brembo master cylinder, you will need an external Brembo reservoir to house the excess brake / clutch fluid. The easiest way is to purchase a Brembo brake reservoir mounting kit, which has all hardware,hose, clamps, etc included. You can also purchase the reservoirs or tubing separately if you want to custom fit your own.

Banjo Bolts Required: When upgrading your master cylinder, you will need new banjo bolts to connect the Brembo master cylinder to your brake lines. Choose a single banjo for OEM brake line configurations (one line to the right caliper with a crossover). Choose a double banjo for dual line configurations (one line to each caliper). For race applications, the banjo bolts do not have pressure switches. For street applications, we recommend banjo bolts with pressure switches that allow you to activate the brake lights.

Brake Fluid Required: Don't forget to purchase some Genuine Brembo Brake Fluid at the same time, since you will need to re-bleed your brakes after installing your new Brembo brake master.